Production Supervisor M/F (Cantaron)

Temps complet | Cantaron, PROVENCE ALPES COTE D AZUR | environ un an
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Ranked as one of the most innovative companies in the world, KONE is a global leader in elevator and escalator business. Every day, millions of people globally are using our elevators and escalators in an increasingly urbanizing environment. We want to offer the best People Flow™ experience to those using our equipment in residential and office buildings, hotels, public transportation sites, hospitals, shopping malls and many special buildings. KONE South Europe, Middle East and Africa is one of KONE's five area organizations. The local leadership team is responsible for implementing KONE strategy in the area.

Production Supervisors support the Manufacturing Manager in managing all production activities during his/her shift. He/She is in charge of leading the production operators and technicians assuring safe, high quality, complete-on-time delivery of KONE components. He/she acts as the first interface between workers and Managers.

Manufacture the products

· Print Production Order. He/She is in charge of collecting all the information coming from the

Scheduler and CAD CAM office and distributing the production batches to the Shop Floor Workers

assuring the respect of the scheduled delivery date.

· Manage Shop Floor Workers. He/She has to organize daily production activities using the

available resources

· Report Errors. He/She is in charge of reporting to Variant Configurator or to Component

Engineering the mistakes found during the manufacturing process. He/She has also to supervise

that the correction process is done in a proper way.

Warranty Claim Manufacturing

· Create Production Order for component. He/She is in charge of generating into SAP all the

Production Orders needed for the Warranty Claims. 

· Print Production Order for Warranty Claims. He/She is in charge of printing and delivery to Shop

Floor Workers Production Orders and working instructions for the Warranty Claims scheduled for

that day/shift.

· Warranty Claim Description. He/She is in charge of preparing a document describing the Warranty

Claims produced. This document will be used by Material Management Specialist for the delivery


· Volume per shift à productivity and efficiency

· Optimize direct working hours -à reducing indirect hours with the best use of the resources

· Reducing lost of time in production 

· Daily communication to the people (Targets, Quality, IIFR etc)

· Complete on Time

· Rework/production scraps reduction

· Safety and environmental measures

· Ideas and suggestions in his area

· Knowledge and experience of manufacturing/operational process 

· Business understanding about his specific area (also based on the economical evaluations)

· Solid experience in production processes and in managing and leading people in standard or special production. 

· Good knowledge about the processes in component installation for a better understanding of the customer and quality needs. 

· High school degree.

· Basic English knowledge.

· Computer skills

At KONE, we are focused on creating an innovative and collaborative working culture where we value the contribution of each individual. Employee engagement is a key focus area for us and we encourage participation and the sharing of information and ideas. Sustainability is an integral part of our culture and the daily practice. We follow ethical business practices and we seek to develop a culture of working together where co-workers trust and respect each other and good performance is recognized. In being a great place to work, we are proud to offer a range of experiences and opportunities that will help you to achieve your career and personal goals and enable you to live a healthy and balanced life.

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