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With sales of €40.5 billion in 2016, Continental is among the leading automotive suppliers worldwide and currently employs more than 227,000 employees in 56 countries. In the Powertrain Division we integrate innovative and efficient powertrain system solutions from today and tomorrow for vehicles of all categories. Within the vision of Clean Power, our products make driving not only more affordable and environmentally friendly, but also more comfortable and enjoyable. We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of products ranging from gasoline and diesel injection systems, turbochargers, engine management and transmission control systems to sensors and actuators. Exhaust aftertreatment, fuel supply systems as well as systems and components for hybrid and electric drives complete our portfolio. There are two main impulses for the advancement of drive technologies: Firstly, active climate protection, in particular the reduction of CO2 emissions and exhaust gases. And secondly, the increasing need for individual mobility, which results in various requirements for vehicles and drive systems. The Powertrain Division has more than 35,400 employees working at 54 locations in 19 countries.
Internship Cp test bench software
Within the subsegment Mechatronic Sensor Modules (MSM), your objective is to update and/or develop test bench software for Contactless Position sensors (CP).
Tasks :
­ Coding in C (CVI) of test software for a sensor test bench using acquisition systems (analog, PWM, SENT),
­ Measurement and characterisation of CP sensors such as temperature behaviour, sensitivity to mechanical variations, etc.
Requirements :
DUT or BTS level, knowledge of C language and electronics
6 month internship
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